Bravos Josh Flag Million Dollar Listing LA

Bravos Josh Flag Million Dollar Listing LA


Josh Flagg
Josh Flagg shares his thoughts on his negotiation with #MDLNY’s Ryan Serhant.
Posted by Josh Flagg on Sep 18

This week’s episode was unique because I had a personal connection to the property that I was selling. Representing yourself (and a business partner) can be tricky, because emotions can get in the way. However, I know I priced Marcheeta correctly, despite what Altman had to say about it. Does he really think I don’t know how to price land value?

The “bird streets” are one of the hottest areas in LA right now, and I knew that Sam and Ryan’s client was going to come up, because he was smart enough to recognize what an amazing house he could build there. Now I know Ryan is successful in the NYC market, but he was on my territory, and I know what I’m doing. He acted like he wasn’t interested, but I can see straight through that. Glad he finally came to his senses and we made a deal. Who doesn’t love a two million dollar profit?

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